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The best signs of summer….

I couldn’t resist snapping these busy bees on our apple trees in the garden whilst I have been off during the Easter Bank Holiday.


Mind you they are very quick and thankfully not interested in me!  Hopefully this means a bumper crop of apples for us come September!


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Easter Egg Hunt

Even though my children ‘sit on the fence’ where the Easter Bunny is concerned they still insist on hunting for their eggs!


Extra challenging this time around as it was soooo hot – some of the eggs began to melt! Here are some of my personal favourites.  It took them all of about – ooh –  5 minutes to find them all!














I gave up wine for Lent instead of chocolate – so I decided that my first drink after 40 days would be a good one…..Cheers!


I hope you all had good Easters and got to spend some relaxed time in the sunshine with your loved ones too.





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Sama Karate Workshop

A little known fact is that I do karate.  I love it.  It takes me completely

out of my comfort zone and I have to concentrate and use muscles as well as brain power I didn’t even know I had!  So I was delighted when my instructor asked  if I would come along to their weapons and grappling workshop and take some photographs of the club in action.  The children LOVED it!  Training how to throw someone safely and how to land without breaking anything is a very useful skill no matter what age you are.  It helps that I have also had the pleasure of photographing my instructor with his 2 sons to celebrate them all reaching black belt – they caused quite a stir at the studio.


Here are some of my favourites from the morning.







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Easter Mini Shoots

We had the most glorious weather for our ever popular mini shoot weekend down on the farm.

We also had an interesting range of families and animals to photograph.

A big thanks to Natalie who came to assist on Sunday and waggled both an easter bunny and a sock monster rather a lot, as well as handing out yummy easter eggs!  The tractor proved popular with big and small kids!!

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