Scrumptious newborn babies in ‘action’ Part One!

Last week saw a very busy newborn baby session with two 11 day old babies.   Newborn babies are simply gorgeous and are happiest, when well fed and warm.  They were both real sleepy heads, although one wanted to know everything that was going on.  Everytime we tried to get him into position he woke and told us off!!  Here he is yawning away!












On the other hand we also had a little Miss Sleepyhead, settling in on a very comfy cushion/blanket combo!


Here are some images of how we got everyone into position:

She was a bit cross that I had disturbed her sleep, then immediately went back to sleep.  We are always very patient, slow and gentle with all our babies; treating them with the utmost care.  These images should be enjoyable to view and you can see straight away that the babies are VERY happy and comfortable.  As a photographer, it could be easy to get carried away in trying to create that next unique image, however, our first priority is the comfort and safety of our models.  Only then will we attempt the shots seen here, quite often just out of shot is a parent or assistant at the ready in case they roll unexpectedly – it is quite amazing what even the youngest of newborn babies are capable of!!


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