Family Fun!

I met a wonderful family last weekend, they had been lucky enough to receive this photo shoot from the children’s Godmother at a recent charity auction.  It was a typical family set up, a 12, 9 and 5 year old all needing some persuasion and a bit of silliness to giggle in front of the camera.  The 12 year old particularly loved her guitar and her siblings near by.  Having spoken to the mum regarding any requests about the shoot, she wanted to capture the close relationship her two daughters shared and as you can see, they are very close.

This was a lovely photo shoot to do, as the children were great fun.  Plus we also had a giant teddy bear and a large purple, Fatboy bean bag to ably assist us.



My main aim was to get a smile from everyone, capture a particular aspect of everyone’s character and to show the close relationship which existed between them all.  In fact this is  my main aim in any family shoot but this one was particularly special as the eldest daughter requires round the clock care and is unable to sit unaided.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even when one of them fell asleep and started snoring!

Patience, wide aperture and lightening quick reactions needed here as some expressions were gone in  blink.



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