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Our first Pregnancy Photography Training Session

We’ve had a very busy week so far and there’s lots more to come.  We are in the throes of building our training sessions for pregnancy and newborns.  Luckily our pregnant model is providing both!!  She was wonderful in front of the camera and not too shy.  Unsurprising, as it turns out that she has appeared with the ‘Great Gok’ himself on ‘How to Look Good Naked’!!  We have videoed the session, and we are recording training notes, visuals and handy pdfs to go with the session.  We’ll then be uploading taster sessions very soon. 

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Enjoy the images, we wanted to give you a taster as to what can be achieved in a very simple but effective way.

If you are looking to have your own pregnancy photographed then please contact me.

And finally….my favourite shot from the entire shoot.



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