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Cameras and Cake Photography Workshops


You know that moment when you think you have taken the picture of THE CENTURY, only to look at that back of the camera and discover it’s out of focus/too dark/too light/you missed that smile….

The Cameras and Cake workshops are designed to give you enough information in just three hours to improve your photography so that you never experience that disappointment again, plus you get to eat cake and share a cuppa with other like-minded people.

These workshops are going down a STORM!  The cake is delicious and at our last workshop Aleshia (who runs For The Love of Cakes and makes the cakes) attended the workshop and is now LOVING her camera.

  • The workshops are held in Greatham (near Petersfield) on the last Wednesday of each month.
  • Groups of friends can book their very own morning to suit them (min of 4 people needed).
  • From 9.30am-12.30pm with a maximum of 6 people.  You only need to attend one course.
  • We ALWAYS have a delicious cake* and lots of TEA!!  (and coffee!)
  • Easy to absorb (no geek jargon allowed) and more importantly, lots of opportunity to put into practise information on using your camera.
  • Suitable whether you have the latest DSLR or a dinky little point and shoot.
  • The tips and tricks I share with you will enable your photography to improve straight away!
* Gluten and dairy free options available please ask.
What have other people said about the workshops:
” I am LOVING my camera now, I seem to get so much more out of it, I am even eyeing up my husband’s camera…watch this space”  Aleshia, Liss
” I took some photos of my boys playing rugby at school that afternoon, not only were they in focus, they looked so much brighter and vibrant, thank you again!” Emma, Bradshott


It’s just sooo nice doing something for yourself and focusing on something different, the cake was good too!!”  Dawn, Havant


” I learnt more in three hours than I did on a course I took a few years ago, thank you”  Matt, Farnham


“I am never using the automatic button on my camera again!”  Ian, Guildford


Read and print out a cameras and cake photography workshops leaflet OR pop along to our facebook page!  Remember to hit ‘like’.

Book your place by calling Tina on 07976 302937 or emailing her.






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Makers and New Business Photography Workshops

It’s been a busy few months here at TBPL Towers, so in between photographing wonderful and very cute newborn babies both in and out, as well as fun family shoots; I have been working on some really interesting commercial shoots as well as delivering more training courses – check out this page later.

Great product shots not only show your potential customer what you do/make, they tell a story and provide solutions.  In this hugely visual marketplace we all operate in –  IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.


Take for example my recent ‘Pork Pie Shoot’, the brief was for it to be a ‘strong’ theme.  The pies are chunky, meat filled deliciousness (I know, I have now had several for lunch).  Everything is prepared by hand, even the egg wash came from the chef’s own chickens.  We shot the product story using just window light and the kitchen table.    This gave the images depth and shadow, further adding to the ‘strong’ theme.  I began my research by looking at other images for pork pies, try it.  Put ‘pork pie images’ into a search engine and see what you get!  Part of my brief was not to do the ‘same old, same old’ but to create a new image that would set Jon’s pork pies apart from the rest.  The bottom image is the result.

It’s always a good idea to research similar product images to your product to see if you like them or to decide how you want to be represented.  Look at other product images as well to discover a style you prefer, we looked at cakes and biscuits to get a feel for the theme as well as cookery book photography.

Jon made a pork pie from scratch to demonstrate the care and effort he puts into each and every pie.  He started making them because he enjoys making his own food and enjoys knowing where his ingredients, particularly the meat, comes from and how it is reared etc.  Unsurprisingly, he has had fantastic feedback and so the process of setting up his own company began.

He wanted the images to tell a strong story in order to ultimately increase sales of his fabulous pork pies.  We set about doing just that, in his kitchen.  We concentrated on creating an ambience and telling the story not only of the pork pie but of Jon himself.  He grows his own herbs and garlic, bakes his own bread, keeps chickens and sources all his ingredients so he knows the provenance of each and every one.

This all builds up, giving an insight into you, the maker, as well as your wonderful products.    Jon, like so many other new entrepreneurs, had a limited budget.  He also knew that to launch the pork pies the way he wanted to, he needed professional photography.

Jon used the ‘New Business Professional Photography’ Package which includes:

  • Upto 2 hours of professional photography and editing.
  • Some photography training so he can take good, basic shots in the future.
  • Styling and props for the shoot.
  • Location advice.
  • Social media tips on PDF.
  • All fully edited images on CD in high resolution and social media/web size.
  • A perpetual licence to use the shots for his business.
  • 10% discount on his next commercial shoot.

This special package is available to all new business start-ups less than 12 months old for £150.  For more details or to book yours contact me.

Normal commercial rates can be found here


So, what do his Pork Pies look like?  


To find out more about Jon and his pies – you can follow him on Twitter @jkaye

To book your workshop, look here or for commercial shoots including the new business package contact me.






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