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Fleeting moments of family life, captured forever!

From peaceful to major cries, life as the older brother of a newborn baby is about adapting to the ever changing noise levels in the house and this chap was no exception!

This shoot was my return to this young family to celebrate the arrival of a gorgeous newborn just 10 days young.  We had some peaceful shots..



Photographing siblings – especially when the baby is so young has to be done carefully, however, when you have an adoring older brother like he was, then the results can be simply beautiful.  You just know that when they are young men and they look back on this shot, the kind of conversation they’ll have about it!!  Mum will just look at it and proudly say ‘my boys!’



As their photographer for the morning and keen to take some memorable photos of the family together as well as some precious images of their new baby, I ALWAYS keep my camera rolling.  So when this little boy decided that the noise of his new baby brother was just too much towards the end of the shoot – he did the only sensible thing he could think of.  Screwed up his eyes and placed his fingers in his ears (how many of us wish we could still do that!?)



So remember, it’s not just the ‘good times’ that need to be captured, it’s the funny, spontaneous moments too!

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