August in photographs

Phew – August was a busy month – despite having children on school holidays.  Tina Bolton Photography was in demand!  The range of projects were as diverse as any I have taken on in one month – from a 1st birthday cake smash through to a Charity calendar with scantily clad, muscly men to a Chelsea children’s birthday event and a product shoot for a Not On The High Street partner.

The 1st birthday smash was fantastic fun!  Mum had made THE most perfect ‘cake smash’ cake with soft cheese blue icing and delicate mini marshmallows all over.  Presented on a gorgeous ceramic cake stand.  All extremely photogenic.  How then were we to take it to the woods where the family shoot was to take place first of all?  We decided that Dad could go back for it (they lived close by) while I took some more photos.  Mum was fretting about the state the cake would arrive in and became increasingly concerned when Dad seemed to be taking AGES….  he turned up – proudly carrying the cake balanced on the stand – intact and looking lovely.  Then, as we were congratulating him on a delivery job well done, the cake slid off the stand to the forest floor!  Oops.  Luckily..after what seemed like an age, we checked the cake, I scraped off some wood and twigs (!) adjusted it back onto the stand, gave Mum a BIG hug, reassured her it was all OK.  So could you tell?

one year old smiling shyly for his first birthday cake smash photoshoot

Oh Dad!!

oone year old baby in his woodland photoshoot - trying his cake during a cake smash shoot

Yummy cake smash photoshoot in the woods - baby is covered in icing and cake

Next came the one a lot of women (and some men!) had been waiting for, the charity calendar shoot!  We had run a competition to be an assistant for the day and Aleisha Harrison won, and thoroughly focused her attentions on ensuring that each ‘model’ had just the correct level of oiled sheen!  Needless to say it was a lot of fun.  Would you believe me if I said it was also hard work!?  It was. These lovely chaps are NOT professional models.  I had to ensure that they felt relaxed in front of the camera, whilst oozing the right level of appeal.  I had to come up with around 30 different poses in one afternoon.  There had been a lot of planning (and research!) beforehand.  The calendar can be bought from Petaprint in Petersfield or contact me for details.  The proceeds are going towards Steve’s Gambia Project which is raising £10,000 to build and supply a new school in Gambia.  please click on the link to donate.  Now judge for yourselves as to whether we achieved our aim….

Charity calendar shot with male model lying half naked

gambia calendar 2016-0410v2

gambia calendar 2016-0014v2

*Cough*  Where was I?!  Oh yes, diverse shoots!

My photography workshops division, Cameras and Cake, sell their photography workshops through the lovely Not On The High Street.  Through NOTHS,  I meet and have the opportunity to work with lots of fantastic companies who make and/or sell amazing products through NOTHS.  Jo of Lindsay Interiors was one such person – she needed better product shots for some of her new range and we spent a morning creating some wonderful new product photographs for her collection of interior accessories for the home.

lindsay interiors tina bolton photography-0762

lindsay interiors tina bolton photography-7986

lindsay interiors tina bolton photography-8089

Finally, it wouldn’t be summer without photographing the wonderful events organised by the amazing Dazzle and Fizz.  This party was no exception, hosted at Beaufort House in Chelsea with gorgeous styling from Bubblegum Balloons and Early Hours Ltd flowers.  The cakes were as jaw-dropping as ever from the Odiham Cake Company, all wrapped up with an energetic, show-stopping level of entertainment for a mixed range of children’s ages.  Needless to say, the party went with a bang and both children and adults went home happy!  Can you guess the theme?

alamdar party-7092

alamdar party-7198

alamdar party-7201

September is already looking action packed, so if you would like to know more about any of the services we can provide please get in contact.

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