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I think he could breathe!

Teenagers are sooo much fun during a photo shoot and these guys were no exception!!  We had a great afternoon near a country cricket ground, just ‘larking’ about taking photos.  The mum wanted some professional photographs that reflected the family’s sense of fun and we did that!  The trick is to get them ‘doing’ things during a shot and photographing the laughter that inevitably follows.  Of course towards the end when everyone is relaxed they feel much happier posing for more family style images (even though mum was actually doing ‘the plank’ in one of them!!)  Smiles and fun all round and everyone liked their pics.

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Mini Shoots are back …just in time to solve your Christmas dilemmas!

WOW!  we are having mammoth celebrations here at Tina Bolton Photography, firstly we reduced our family and pregnancy shoots to just £75 (the first fee we ever charged in 2003!!) and now for those families short on time we have a weekend of fuss free, fun family shoots.  So book now – these mini shoots run on the 22nd and 23rd October, a time slot MUST be booked in advance.

Our mini shoots are always popular, they allow families to drop in for upto 30 minutes (a time slot must be booked) for just £25, the difficult bit is choosing which photographs to have!  We are also offering a very special calendar treat for clients booking a shoot (or mini shoot) between now and 31st December 2011.  This is a simply gorgeous, bespoke desk calendar (in a CD case) with 12 – yes – 12! of your images – this calendar is completely free* and worth £30.

Don’t just take my word for it:

“We all had a such a good time, it’s been ages since we had professional family photos taken, we couldn’t believe how much fun we had and the photos were fantastic!”  Sam, Petersfield

“Mini shoots are the perfect way to get my husband over for a family photo shoot and even he enjoyed himself, the photos were perfect and the grandparents LOVED them”  Sarah, Havant

(* minimum spend of £150 applies to qualify for the free calendar)





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As seen on TV!
























Picture the scene…I am checking my phone messages, it’s lunchtime and I have been photographing a 200 strong Karate workshop event..on my birthday!  A TV production company want to work with me on a new TV programme for SKY, would I be interested?!  Hmm, let me think about this one..Oh, go on then.  How EXCITING!!  First I had to check which of my gorgeous and pregnant clients would be willing to be photographed, interviewed AND filmed for TV.  I knew just the woman…the lovely Bonny, pregnant with no.2; who was loved by the camera and vice versa.  We were all set and had a great morning, photographing, chatting (whilst being filmed) and generally having a really interesting time.  We are now waiting to see the outcome of our section of the new TV programme which is about how pregnant women can indulge themselves throughout their pregnancy.  Bonny and I thought that having a photographic record was definitely one of the best ways!!  Please enjoy some of the stunning images we took of Bonny, plus one of Bonny and Scott, the producer, sharing a joke during a quick break in filming!  I’ll let you know when we’ll be on!!


Fiercely proud of her English husband and lifestyle, Bonny wanted to be photographed in the St George flag!

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Summer of Celebration Competition!!!

Did you know that Tina Bolton Photography is celebrating 8 years of family photography this year PLUS we rebranded with a fabulous new logo and website!!

This calls for a competition!!  So calling all families out there who have not yet had a Tina Bolton Photography experience!

You could win:  A full family photo shoot ON LOCATION* with Tina Bolton Photography plus a framed 10×8 signed print worth £100!!  Plus ALL entries will receive a special summer of celebration offer as well.

How do you enter?

Easy!  Sign up for the blog in the box on the right of this page and answer this question:  At what age do I remember my first professional photo being taken? (Clue: The answer is on this website!)


I will announce the winner on the 2nd August 2011 (My actual birthday – hint hint!!) on this blog – so keep a look out!








*Terms and Conditions apply:

Within a 30 mile radius of my studio in Liss

Open to families

The shoot has to be taken by the 30th September 2011

Shoots are available Mon-Friday (Normal fee is £75)

To book a shoot anyway please contact me

Weekends are available for a £50 supplement.

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Portsmouth Grammar School Fete Winner!

On the hottest day of the year, I took part in one of the largest school fetes on the beautiful Garrisons Green in Old Portsmouth.  The sun was shining, strange blue ice lollies were being devoured (lots of bright blue tongues around!), the school brass brand played beautifully and lots of fun was had by all.  


It was great to get out and about and meet new faces, and have some really good discussions about fetes and family photography.  I managed (more by luck than judgement!) to be postioned next to the wonderful Cake Fairy UK girls and was on hand to sample some of their delicious cupcakes and cake pops, a big thank you to them as well!  


Finally, many of you happily signed up to try and win a family photo shoot with me.

The winner is:  * drum roll*     Michele Webb.  Michele – CONGRATULATIONS!!  you have won a family photo shoot session either in the studio or on location plus your choice of image printed on fine art paper and framed, delivered to you.  To claim your prize, please email me through the contact page on this website, and we can organise a suitable date for you.

I couldn’t resist photographing some of the gorgeous face painting going on and this lovely girl was allowed to pose for my blog – thank you!


Scrumptious newborns part two!

It was an exhausting day for everyone and after a quick lunch and some restorative cups of tea with cakes (for the adults not the babies!)  We were asked to use one of the lovely hats that Mum had brought which we think worked really well..












All in all it was a fantastic day and a big thank you to everyone involved.  Thank you to my two lovely assistants Michelle and Natalie for endless cups of tea,  ‘poo watch’  😉 , photos of me in action, and general all round lots of cooing!!

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Scrumptious newborn babies in ‘action’ Part One!

Last week saw a very busy newborn baby session with two 11 day old babies.   Newborn babies are simply gorgeous and are happiest, when well fed and warm.  They were both real sleepy heads, although one wanted to know everything that was going on.  Everytime we tried to get him into position he woke and told us off!!  Here he is yawning away!












On the other hand we also had a little Miss Sleepyhead, settling in on a very comfy cushion/blanket combo!


Here are some images of how we got everyone into position:

She was a bit cross that I had disturbed her sleep, then immediately went back to sleep.  We are always very patient, slow and gentle with all our babies; treating them with the utmost care.  These images should be enjoyable to view and you can see straight away that the babies are VERY happy and comfortable.  As a photographer, it could be easy to get carried away in trying to create that next unique image, however, our first priority is the comfort and safety of our models.  Only then will we attempt the shots seen here, quite often just out of shot is a parent or assistant at the ready in case they roll unexpectedly – it is quite amazing what even the youngest of newborn babies are capable of!!



The best signs of summer….

I couldn’t resist snapping these busy bees on our apple trees in the garden whilst I have been off during the Easter Bank Holiday.


Mind you they are very quick and thankfully not interested in me!  Hopefully this means a bumper crop of apples for us come September!


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Easter Egg Hunt

Even though my children ‘sit on the fence’ where the Easter Bunny is concerned they still insist on hunting for their eggs!


Extra challenging this time around as it was soooo hot – some of the eggs began to melt! Here are some of my personal favourites.  It took them all of about – ooh –  5 minutes to find them all!














I gave up wine for Lent instead of chocolate – so I decided that my first drink after 40 days would be a good one…..Cheers!


I hope you all had good Easters and got to spend some relaxed time in the sunshine with your loved ones too.





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Sama Karate Workshop

A little known fact is that I do karate.  I love it.  It takes me completely

out of my comfort zone and I have to concentrate and use muscles as well as brain power I didn’t even know I had!  So I was delighted when my instructor asked  if I would come along to their weapons and grappling workshop and take some photographs of the club in action.  The children LOVED it!  Training how to throw someone safely and how to land without breaking anything is a very useful skill no matter what age you are.  It helps that I have also had the pleasure of photographing my instructor with his 2 sons to celebrate them all reaching black belt – they caused quite a stir at the studio.


Here are some of my favourites from the morning.







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