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A voice from the radio

A voice from the radio arrived in my studio today.

I love my radio, working from home, it offers company, keeps me informed and makes me laugh.  It felt like a real honour to have someone from ‘my’ radio join me in my studio!!

Sarah and Rick Jackson, are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child and had travelled up for their pregnancy shoot. At 35 weeks pregnant, Sarah was positively glowing and had a smile which lit up the studio, clearly excited about becoming a Mum.  Rick, as equally if not more excited (he showed me the 4D images on his phone!) covers the popular drive-time show on Wave 105 and is as friendly and funny in person as he is on the radio which was lovely to discover!


After a quick cuppa we discussed ideas and how best to use the fun props which included sweet little bootees, a fluffy rabbit and Tiffany box with some very special jewellery!    Props which add meaning to your pregnancy or baby shoot are always a lovely idea, but I suggest that they pass the 10 years rule…when you look back in 10 years at these photos, would you know why you had them in the shoot in the first place, if not don’t use them.  Theirs will definitely pass the 10 year rule!



Glances between the two of them during our shoot, showed their closeness, the way their faces lit up when their gaze landed upon the other was great to photograph, and made for a shoot full of happy vibes.

As always – I kept it simple, relaxed and fun.jackson-bump-tina-bolton-photography-fb


Looking forward to meeting their new arrival in a few weeks’ time!jackson-bump-tina-bolton-photography-8457sselfb

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