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Picture the scene…I am checking my phone messages, it’s lunchtime and I have been photographing a 200 strong Karate workshop event..on my birthday!  A TV production company want to work with me on a new TV programme for SKY, would I be interested?!  Hmm, let me think about this one..Oh, go on then.  How EXCITING!!  First I had to check which of my gorgeous and pregnant clients would be willing to be photographed, interviewed AND filmed for TV.  I knew just the woman…the lovely Bonny, pregnant with no.2; who was loved by the camera and vice versa.  We were all set and had a great morning, photographing, chatting (whilst being filmed) and generally having a really interesting time.  We are now waiting to see the outcome of our section of the new TV programme which is about how pregnant women can indulge themselves throughout their pregnancy.  Bonny and I thought that having a photographic record was definitely one of the best ways!!  Please enjoy some of the stunning images we took of Bonny, plus one of Bonny and Scott, the producer, sharing a joke during a quick break in filming!  I’ll let you know when we’ll be on!!


Fiercely proud of her English husband and lifestyle, Bonny wanted to be photographed in the St George flag!

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