Tina’s Wedding Prices


How do you select a photographer for your wedding?  What type of images do you picture in your head?  Do they look like some of the ones here?  Love and laughter and the wonderful story of your day? Exactly.  The exquisite details you have spent so much time choosing? Precisely.  Discreet, unobtrusive and fun to be around – just how a photographer should be, Tina Bolton.

Allow your wonderful friends and family to relax at your wedding, and place your wedding photography into the safe hands of an experienced professional.  Your wedding and your memories deserve nothing less.

Your wedding day is a unique blend of whirlwind excitement, exhilaration and fun – everyone’s memories will be different, your wedding photographs will ensure those precious memories will always be there to enjoy for many, many years.

I will tell your wedding story in pictures that will make you laugh, cry and exclaim – “I don’t remember that being taken!” or “I didn’t know they wore/did that”.

Your wedding day will fly so fast your feet will hardly touch the ground, knowing that your special day’s story is being captured as it unfolds means you can relax and enjoy it all the more! I will ensure that your wedding day images, right from the preparations, anticipation and emotions is mirrored in the photographs. Thorough coverage throughout the day ensures that when you look back and reflect on your day with a very special album or DVD, that your smiles will be even wider.

Prices begin at £999  (All packages include your high res, edited images)


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